Thursday, June 28, 2007


I cannot believe what I am hearing. Look - I get it. Cable News Networks salivate at the "next Laci Peterson" case and saturate their airwaves with commentary about dead pregnant white women. I try to choose not to be sucked into the black hole of death sensationalism. That said - I cannot even grasp Bill O'Stupid ASS O'Reilly even going to the place he has gone when it come to the death of the pregnant woman in Ohio. He basically states - these women (including the woman,and her son, killed by her WWF Pro-Wrestling husband)were at fault for getting involved with these men and they were at fault for not leaving these dangerous men and for putting their chldren at risk.

Women are SCHOOLED to stand by their man - whatever. They are not to blame because they chose to trust. Predators seek out victims. Predators smell women who are vulnerable. These men who have chosen to kill their fucking PREGNANT wives are PREDATORS. The woman is not at fault.

Do women need to value themselves more so? YES! Should they kick men who are unkind, indifferent and abusive to the curb - YES! But even the most educated of women get tricked. I am one of those women. Even though I've never been hit or raped or physically abused - I've lost sight and allowed myself to believe a man was someone they were not when all along they just really didn't want to know, nurture or care for my ass (a nice one at that - I may add). Was it my choice? On one level, yes. I except my part in that. But would I be to blame if they shot me in the head. BULLSHIT!

Women are taught to NURTURE and to see the other side. We forget sometimes that the energy it takes to try and understand the man we love takes away from the love we could give ourselves or, Heaven Forbid, our kids. I believe these women in these most recent cases fell into this trap. So - Bill O'Reilly makes the argument their choice to try and make their marriage or relationship work led to their deaths. As a result - they are at fault.

What it comes down to is this - Bill O'Reilly is a STUPID, SENSATIONALIST FUCK!

Thank you Dan Abrams. Don't let this woman hating muthafukah get away with this hateful, misogenistic rhetoric. PLEASE!

I know this is not the most pressing or important issue of the day when soldiers are being killed every hour and people are dying of cancer because their health plans will not pay for the most basic of procedures but if you have an extra second - write Fox and tell them that Bill O'Reilly is a dumb, insane and, in the long run, obsolete FOOL! Will it do any good? - probably not. Fact is, he gets the biggest ratings and money talks - but this just made me so angry I want to do/say something.

I REALLY hope KARMA exists because this MOFO is in TROUBLE.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Veteran Voices

If at all possible PLEASE support Veteran Voices. I attended an incredible show last night put on by the company. It runs for the next two Saturdays in June and will reopen in August. Click the link below for ticket information or:

Tickets are $20 and all proceeds go towards the
non-profit organization Veteran Voices, The theatre branch of The Veterans Center for the Performing Arts (V.C.P.A.)
This production does contain some strong language and profanity.

- Saturday, June 9th 8pm

- Saturday, June 16th 8pm

- Saturday, June 23rd 8pm

- Saturday, June 30th 8pm

Mortise & Tenon (Showroom)
446 South La Brea, LA 90036
(La Brea between 4th and 6th)

Veteran voices is committed to celebrating our military veterans by providing an arena to develop and produce new works for the stage.

It's an uplifting, funny, sometimes brutal, completely honest evening where the soldier's experience is shared with those who otherwise might not have the opportunity to really understand the comittment these men and women have made.

There's no pity, no apologises and no political agenda.

This show is different. I learned a lot last night. I cannot recommend it more. Do something for the troops - buy a ticket.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Michael Moore

Michael Moore is right! Lame Ass Good Morning America and all the other pandering news programs don't want to face up to the truth. We all went asleep and forgot to ask the questions and even now - we continue to remain silent.

Get those young men and women out of Iraq. Bring them home!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

The Tony Awards

Finally a broadcast about the Tonys that really sums up the show. SO FUNNY!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Life is unfair

So I settle into bed last night and float off into dreamland where I am enchanted by none other than Mr. Brad Pitt. As he takes me by the hand we find ourselves walking across a moonlit desert. The air is clear and the temperature is just right. The terra cotta landscape provides the perfect setting as he gently lays me down on the sand. He softly touches my face and begins to kiss me.

And wouldn't ya fuckin know it?! HE WAS A HORRIBLE KISSER.

I'm not making this up. I seriously crashed last night, embarked on this erotic adventure and found out Brad Pitt kisses like a toad.

Even in the unconscious I'm not cut a break.

Life is unfair.

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Swim Day

The Gods of Sex have returned. Swim Day once again exemplifies their hotness and undeniable physical prowess. One may not be able to grasp the intense eroticism these fine naked assed men possess but I challenge you to make the attempt.

You will not be disappointed.

Thus - with no further words I present you with The Gods of Sex...

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Planet Unicorn

Thank you Mark Setlock for sending me the link to this video. There really are no comments to make. If only I lived on a unicorn planet......

Red Wine

Below you will find an article written by Bill Shein. Bill was the premiere columnist at my alma mater's newspaper. Plus, he was an all around funny muthafuckah. Check out his website:

He provides a wry and LOL funny take on everything from Alberto Gonzalez to the weather.

My Red Wine Experiment
by Bill Shein

HAVE YOU HEARD about the many health benefits of red wine? If not, you are living under a rock — which, you should know, does not have any health benefits at all. Red wine, however, can lower blood pressure, fight cancer, protect your heart, and bring stress-reducing joy to a meal of pasta or prime rib.

A recent study also found that high doses of resveratrol, a compound found in red wine, produced a tremendous increase in the strength and endurance of laboratory mice. The mice also began speaking with exaggerated French accents — but their new accents were somewhat less noteworthy than the fact that they were speaking at all.

In the study, the muscle-bound mice received a daily dose of resveratrol equivalent to drinking hundreds of glasses of red wine. But the researchers were quick to point out that "no one can drink enough red wine to obtain such doses."

Is that so? In the name of science, I decided to put their claim to the test. What follows are actual entries from my research log.

Glass 1 — I begin my experiment at a local diner, drinking Merlot with breakfast. Several people — clearly not scientists — look at me, horrified. I adjust my white lab coat and raise my glass in their direction. They look away.

Glass 6 — Finishing off the first bottle, I am strong enough to lift my plate in the air and yell, "Keep them home fries coming, Chefie!"

Glass 12 — At 9 a. m., I'm at my desk. I open a bottle of Shiraz. I start Microsoft Word and begin writing. Unaware of my increasing strength, I type too hard and break several keys.

Glass 27 - Maybe it's just me, but everything I write is utterly hilarious. For example: "I like blue. I really do. Blue is my favorite hue!" I giggle constantly while refilling my glass again and again — in the name of science.

Glass 50 — My formerly flabby arms are now inexplicably toned. I feel as if I can lift my refrigerator over my head, which I do. Many things spill. I go outside for a walk.

Glass 78 - Catching my reflection in a store window, I see that my "one-pack abs" have been transformed, without exercise, into impressive six-pack abs. When did I become shirtless? No idea.

Glass 134 — I fall madly in love with the Wicked Witch of the West, the most beautiful woman I have ever seen.

Glass 265 — While doing shoulder presses with a parked car, I notice that I now have 12-pack abs. Still no sign of my shirt (or lab coat).

Glass 400 — After lunch, I see the mayor on Main Street. I tackle him, pull up his shirt, and deliver a loud raspberry to his naked belly. He is not amused. I cackle uncontrollably for hours.

Glass 582 — To the best of my knowledge, I am now invisible.

Glass 583 — Still invisible.

Glass 584 — Yep, I am definitely invisible.

Glass 585 — According to the police officer cuffing me in an (occupied) dressing room at Victoria's Secret, I am no longer invisible. I post bail, even though no jail cell could possibly hold me. I am Schwarzneggian.

Glass 638 — Incredibly, my 12-pack abs are now 14-pack abs: Twelve abdominal muscles in front, and, somehow, two extra abdominal muscles on my back. Weird.

Glass 744 — A large crowd gathers at the wine store to view my transformation. I stand on a bench and share a line from Plato: "Nothing more excellent or valuable than wine was ever granted by the Gods to man!" People go wild, passing me around above their heads. Then I read aloud from "The Republic" while doing bicep curls with two small children. The crowd roars.

Glass 857 — As the sun sets, I drink a final glass of wine, make a few more notes, and then fall asleep. I do not wake for a long, long time. When I do, I discover that everything after Glass 12 may have, just possibly, been a dream. But in my pocket I find a summons to appear in court. Something about trespassing at Victoria's Secret. Weird.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Bill Shein is a trained research scientist. Do not try this experiment at home.

(This column first appeared in the Berkshire Eagle newspaper on Friday, April 27, 2007. Read Bill's previous column, "Enough About the Weather!").