Thursday, September 27, 2007

Gore For Prez

Man - I wish this Mofo would run.

Go here and if you like what he says - sign the petition.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The Host

With so much insanity going on with the politics in this country I feel overwhelmed. I feel the need to provide videos and commentary on how in-fuckin-sane the world and the government has become BUT I don't like throwing my politics down peoples throats so I try to balance out this blog with "The World is Dying" with "I LIKE THIS SONG!"


The more I see the democrats voting for the Lieberman amendment and voting against friggin - I don't even know what angle or position to take. It's just all so fucked up.

So - that said.

I watched this really weird, entertaining monster movie last night. If you have been following the blog at all (thank you - BTW) you might know I'm a crazy person who is obsessed with horror flicks. It's strange because I am one of the more sensitive people on the planet. Someone sneezes and I feel like I have to do the same and I think about it and want to recommend a certain allergy remedy...blah, blah, blah...

But I can watch a scary flick (guts and all) and I don't have nightmares.

Well - I will if it's good and that is rare. Most suck.

ANYWAY - I watched this Korean flick called The Host. It is the strangest, fabulous and most thought provoking film I've seen in awhile. Is it great? - no. But it is an interesting take on "the monster flick". Most monsters in film (and society) are manifestations of our fears and it's interesting to take a look at that.

The Host creates a physical threat as well as a political threat - and the only people that can prevail is a "loser family" trying to find their child....

Check out the trailer...

P.S. The lead guy Song Kong-Ho is an AMAZING actor. I've seen him in another flick called Memories of Murder (Same Director)and the dude has a HUGE range.

Watch this movie - put all your preconceptions aside. You will think it's scary, and then camp bullshit and then friggin - Ordinary People.

Check it out.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Jon is my hero

Jon Stewart keeps me sane.

As he puts it: The Senate is Fucking Crazy Town!

It's so much easier to discuss O.J. and Britney's VMA performance instead of looking at the insanity going on within the Beltway.

Just when I'm about to pack it in and move to Antartica to save a few Polar Bears - Jon Stewart makes lol and reminds me I'm not completely insane.

Watch the video and call your Senators. Tell them something, anything - just get involved.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Want a puppy?

Hey all, So it's been about a year since I've scooped up any stray dogs, but I have another one and I am looking for a loving, secure home for this wonderful little guy. I've named him Catcher, he's a labrador/chihuahua mix, about 3-4 years old, and weighs 16 lbs. I found him running around my neighborhood on Monday. No collar, no tags, no microchip. He's incredibly sweet, doesn't bite, doesn't bark, and seems to be housebroken.

He likes other dogs and has been playing quietly with my two dogs with no problem. He's just a bit lonely, he keeps climbing into my lap. I've had him looked over at the vet, who says he's healthy, he just needs to be fixed and have his teeth cleaned, all of which I am planning to do next week. I have had him vaccinated for rabies, parvo, distemper, etc.

My neighbor, who helped me catch him, is keeping him in her spare room until I can find a good home for him, but I don't know how long she can do it. I've contacted several rescue organizations that do adoptions, but no one has gotten back to me, so I'll probably have to find him a home myself. Whomever adopts him will need to have a secure yard with a tall fence and be willing to keep him indoors so he doesn't take off.

I'm attaching several photos, which really don't do him justice, he's so cute!

If you or anyone you know is interested, please contact me at (323) 344-7126 or cell: 917 747-8173, or at this email address: Please feel free to forward this email. Thank you! Tracey
Freelance Writer Los Angeles, CA
(323) 344-7126

The Blue Nile

Tinseltown in the Rain:

Do I love you? Yes, I love you. Will we always be happy go-lucky? Do I love you? Yes, I love you. But it's easy come. It's easy go. All this talking. It's only bravado.

There's a red car in the foutain...

Downtown Lights:

Sometimes I walk away when all I wanna do -is love and hold you right. There is just one thing I can say - nobody loves you this way...

This was/is my favorite band. The Blue Nile. They have influenced Peter Gabriel, Annie Lennox and every other anglophile on the planet. They were never MTV darlings or throw off 80's one hit wonders. They wrote strange, fluid, sad and hopeful records.

I look at this video and am reminded of my ideas of beauty, edginess and sexuality. I loved and lusted after these pasty white, scottish dudes...

People write off the 80's as a cocaine filled, Reagan loving, selfish generation but I disagree. The 80's embraced androgeny, computers and perms. All beautiful things...

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Personal Freedom

In this country we are "supposed to be allowed" to speak our minds. You should not be tazered - just because you are difficult or obnoxious. Fact is - the beauty of this country is our ability to say "whatever" and make others uncomfortable as long as that speech does not bring harm onto them.

These two incidents(see below)demonstrate how far our country has fallen. There was a time when citizens of this country understood the complexities of being American/Human. But now, after 9/11 and the Bush administration's focus on fear - everyone is looking to be led, schooled and brainwashed.

Seriously - i am not a reactionary but we have crossed a line. These videos are only a tame visual representation of the American Publics loss of freedom.

The Reverand and the questioning student's only weapon was a book in hand...

The Government is creeping into our bedrooms and bathrooms (Larry Craig!).

It really has to stop.

The bland argument of "I don't care if they listen to my phone calls as I have nothing to hide" is a short thinking slippery slope...

The Congress is actually in talks debating Habeus Corpus and the justification of torture. WHAT? General Petraus sits there and tows the political line and we go along with it. Bush gives his "keep up the surge" speech and we go along with it -it is all lies.

Lies that are killing young men and women of both our country and Irag.

When will it stop? The middle class is dying, foreclosures and bankruptcy are rampant and the percentage of those with no health care has risen...

The answer - not sure but maybe...

President: John Edwards
Vice President: Barak Obama
Secretary of State: Hilary Clinton

I was brought up to believe this country was forward thinking and respected history but now I see a country that loves segregation, unlawful searches and the integration of church and state.

NOW is the time to write or call your politician and scream, yell and make them uncomfortable. This is not the time to be nice.

You can be fair and adamant. Lean toward adamant

Monday, September 10, 2007


I don't think there is anyone anyone better. I look up to this woman in so many ways. Her CD is released next month. Buy it.

Dark Road. It just feels that way sometimes, doesn't it?

"There's no water that can wash away this longing to come clean"


Thursday, September 6, 2007

You just can't make this shit up.

Here is an "unofficial/Official" biographer for Prez Bush...

The Prez is LIAR. And he is also a Liar and, if you really think about it, A LIAR!

Yes - I am liberal but I saw the Ron Paul Clips after the Republican debate and I do believe that SOME Republicans still believe in this little thing known as the CONSTITUTION. Paul is a Libertarian at heart and in the long run, to me, is SCARY but only because he is smart and thoughtful.

Look - I get the idea of wanting less government, to some degree, but I still REALLY believe in the WE is more important than the ME.

It is a struggle. I get lost in my own drama of wanting this or that. I'll most likely by a cute dress before I give $$ to the ASPCA. I know, I suck....but I am trying...

I believe in liberty and the UTMOST importance of FREEDOM of expression. Everyone, from Hannity (SATAN) to Cronkite must be heard.

That said - the true voices are Colbert and Stewart - it's the only ticket to vote for.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

The Great Leap Forward

Billy Brag is fuckin cool. Listen to his thoughts on what a true American Patriot is. It's a shame not more Americans feel the way he does.

Pissing off the Nuns!

Religion Briefs Coalition of nuns calls for impeaching Bush and Cheney
Saturday, September 1, 2007

A progressive group of U.S. nuns has called on Congress to impeach President Bush and Vice President Cheney because of their roles in the war in Iraq.

“The National Coalition of American Nuns is impelled by conscience to call you to act promptly to impeach President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney for ... high crimes and misdemeanors,” the group wrote in a letter written on behalf of its board members.

The letter says that impeachment is warranted for their “deceiving the public under the false pretense that Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction” and “destroying” the reputation of the United States and the good will of other nations.

“The time for impeachment is now — before the example of George W. Bush’s regime is set in stone,” they wrote. “Future generations will thank you for preserving the freedom of our nation and its relation to the entire human community.”

The coalition was founded in 1969 for individual nuns dedicated to issues of social justice and human rights.

The letter was approved during a mid-August meeting of the board, held in Chicago. During that same meeting, the board unanimously adopted statements opposing all war and affirming peacemaking efforts. “Rather than continuing support of a just-war theory, a more compassionate church would oppose all war and teach peacemaking skills for all levels of government and interpersonal conflict resolution,” the statement reads.

The board also adopted statements pledging to work to “moderate the impact we make on planet Earth,” and supporting nuclear disarmament and relief efforts for the poor in Africa.