Thursday, February 28, 2008


I don't usually talk too much about RENT as it was so many things. It is hard to talk about something that was such a beautifully sad and miraculous experience. I was and still am honored to have been a part of it.

With RENT's closing in June and the article that came out this week in Entertainment Weekly I thought I'd post the EW link to the article itself - as I think they did a really good job using the voices involved to give a sense of what that time was like.

I've also posted a link to a RENT video. It is 1996 and all of us are on the Rosie show...

Look - it's my natural hair color and my former nose. What a walk down memory lane...

Here is a link to the Article:

And here is a link to the Video:

Thursday, February 21, 2008

P &S

I love this!

Isn't it wonderful when 2 worlds can come together?!

Panis Angelicus was one of the first church songs my singing teacher made me sing. I resisted but loved this song. It was in Latin, and as a Catholic, I should have known ( on some level) what the f**k I was singing about but I didn't. All I knew was it was about Angels and it was beautiful...

I was in RENT playing Maureen and Pavoratti came to see the show. After the show he came back stage and grasped my hand and he said - " You are a beautiful lesbian" - LOL!

I'm neither a lesbian or beautiful...but when he ssid those words - I believed him. What a tremendous spirit.

As for Sting. I've always loved his voice (and ass) and what I especially love about this video is his insecurity.

Sting is a bad ass and can sing circles around most pop singers but he threw himself in an arena where he, really, had no place being in - and he ROCKED IT!

Their two voices combine so beautifully...

I love this. I really do. These two voices, together, confirm that sometimes God exists...

A Family Dinner

A Family Dinner.

Wishing I was sitting at the table with my sister, mom and brothers.

I love LA but miss my blood line.

Dysfunctional as it is.

Reminder: Radiohead - In Rainbows...

I can't stop listening to it.

I wish any of this had meaning.

In Rainbows does.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Hillary 2008

I've been relatively quiet on the political front. I dig both of our candidates and when I went into the voting booth - it was a serious decision. That said - I had to back Hillary.

Look - Barak is great, sounds great and has so much potential but our government is so screwed after this evil Bush adminstration - We need someone who knows the territory like the back of(her)hand and we need them (her) to clean house.

She has led the way on so many fronts and has fought back against sexism, the right wing conspiracy (that truly exists) and has broken down doors all over the place.

She was working for health care before it was in the forefront. she has worked for children's right, gay rights, civil and women's rights.

Is she a political, hungry animal? - YES! But so is Barak.....

He gets applauded for his drive while she is discredited for seeking the office...

When she gains in the delegates she is the "presumed candidate" as opposed to when Barak gain delegates he is applauded for his "momentum"...

Look - Barak is a gret, a new wave and if the country decides to back him - so will I. He has the youth behind him and that says something because the youth are our future and are the ones more likely to think outside of the box...

That said - Hillary, for all her faults, is a gutsy, intelligent manager who, I believe, will bring the change we are all talking about....!

Saturday, February 2, 2008


I've been bad this month and posted basically jack..............

This is a lame post but important as RADIOHEAD is the best band ever. Buy In Rainbows. It takes a few times to listen to and get.....first time through I was confused but like all Radiohead - it circles all in and through you and eventually over takes your soul.

Truly - best band around right now.