Thursday, February 21, 2008

P &S

I love this!

Isn't it wonderful when 2 worlds can come together?!

Panis Angelicus was one of the first church songs my singing teacher made me sing. I resisted but loved this song. It was in Latin, and as a Catholic, I should have known ( on some level) what the f**k I was singing about but I didn't. All I knew was it was about Angels and it was beautiful...

I was in RENT playing Maureen and Pavoratti came to see the show. After the show he came back stage and grasped my hand and he said - " You are a beautiful lesbian" - LOL!

I'm neither a lesbian or beautiful...but when he ssid those words - I believed him. What a tremendous spirit.

As for Sting. I've always loved his voice (and ass) and what I especially love about this video is his insecurity.

Sting is a bad ass and can sing circles around most pop singers but he threw himself in an arena where he, really, had no place being in - and he ROCKED IT!

Their two voices combine so beautifully...

I love this. I really do. These two voices, together, confirm that sometimes God exists...

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Amy Jacob said...

Aren't you a lesbian??? You gotta love stings action figure arms.